Cocktail Intense by Fragrance World Eau De Parfum 100ml


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Cocktail Intense is a distinctive fragrance that creates an intense and tantalizing drink experience. It's a luxurious and complex scent that intoxicates with its gourmet cognac accord, intertwined with traditional oriental motifs.

The fragrance begins with a strong but refined cognac accord, which seemingly enchants you with its warmth and depth. This invigorating start is complemented by gentle vanilla and cinnamon, which give the scent sweetness and more complexity.

In the heart note, mysterious oriental notes are felt, which give the scent an exotic and profound Eastern enchantment. At this stage, gentle spicy chords can be revealed, which give the scent more character and intensity.

Finally, in the base notes, gentle amber and musk chords are revealed, which create a long-lasting, intoxicating, and attractive finish.

"Cocktail Intense" is a unisex scent that is perfect for both men and women. It's a stylish and luxurious choice for those who like gourmet and intense fragrances. This aroma not only emphasizes your personal style but also reflects your love for truly luxurious and high-quality things.

Top notes: exhales with sweet tonka bean shades and noble oak wood nuances.

Heart notes: complement the sound with spicy cinnamon intonations against a backdrop of hazelnut chords.

Base notes: blend into an elegant trace of alcoholic cognac motifs.

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