Mother’s Day Present Ideas: Perfume for Mom


This list of beautiful perfumes are some of the most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas as they are sentimental fragrances that your Mom will cherish for years to come.

See below for the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

 1. Aerin Lilac Path

This breathtaking perfume by Aerin Lauder is light, airy, and delicately floral. With Spring-like Lilac flowers, romantic Jasmine, dainty Orange Blossom, and bitter green GalbanumAerin Lilac Path is like a Spring garden after a sun shower!

Lilac Path is a feminine floral fragrance.

Lilac Path is a perfect scent for a woman who appreciates flowers, gardens, the outdoors, and the simple pleasures in life. It’s also suited for those who like feminine and romantic floral fragrances. If you can picture your Mom enjoying time in her flower garden, drinking a fine pot of tea, or swinging on a porch swing then Aerin Lilac Path is right up her street!

2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede

Jo Malone make the BEST perfume for Mom!

Why?…because they are the masters of creating simple yet beautiful understated scents that use minimal notes so as to not distract from their beauty! Just like Mom!

I always recommend Jo Malone perfumes for Mother’s Day because they are so widely appealing. You can’t ever go wrong!

Their fragrances don’t smell overtly “perfumy” instead they smell more natural and true!

This particular set is a great way of introducing your Mom to the world of Jo Malone or treating her to a new collection if she is already a fan!

Peony & Blush Suede is a romantic and dreamy fragrance highlighting the sweet Peony flower along with feminine Rose and Jasmine. But the magic of this scent is the ripe and juicy Apple nuances and the smooth rich Suede dry down that feels like a big hug!

This scent is for the ultra feminine woman! A woman who likes to dress up, go out with the girls, and who fills the room with her smile! If your Mom is always the one to cheer everyone up and the first to give out hugs, then she will love this scent as it’s inviting and warm, yet cheery and girly!

Peony & Blush Suede is a romantic girly floral fragrance.

This limited edition set features the Peony & Blush Suede perfume, hand & body wash, and lotion! Available here

3. Diptyque Do Son Solid Perfume

A great little gift that is truly unique and yet totally practical! A solid perfume can fit in your pocket or handbag for touch-ups anywhere! Great Mother’s Day present idea for  those busy Moms on the go!

And Diptyque make the best quality and most gorgeous solid perfumes on the market!

Do Son is a fresh, aquatic floral, featuring intoxicating Tuberose, vibrant Berries, and a Sea Breeze. This is the perfect scent for those who love being in or near water! So if you can picture your Mom sunning on a sailboat, relaxing on the dock at the lake, or reading a book poolside, then Do Son is a perfect fit!

Do Son is an aquatic tropical floral fragrance.

Likewise, if you know that your Mom is always on the go or travels a lot, then she will find the Diptyque solid perfumes really handy.

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